Mar. 4 – Mar. 14: dOlk  retrospective exhibition 2020

5 collectors have gone together and exhibition 15 canvases from d0lk’s street art period.


More info to come…


More info to come…


Mar. 23 – Apr. 16: Argus solo exhibition “Rivjern”

Gallery Gategalleriet is proudly presenting Argus latest body of work on March 23th. The exhibition “Rivjern” (eng: Grater) will take place from 18-21 opening night. The show contains originals and prints.


Oct. 15 – 29: Graffiti Prints – Retrospective print show

For the first time Graffiti Prints holds an exclusive sales exhibition in Bergen! Gategalleriet is proud to host a exhibition with over 80 street- and urban art treats from Graffiti Prints large collection.

Sept. 1 – 18: Stories to be told – Anna Louise Andersen solo exhibition

Anna L Andersen first solo exhibition.
“Stories to be told” features women in different ages with different stories. Some are strong, some are weak, some have an attitude but all have their own story to tell. Anna experiments with different styles and materials to create variation in expressions to tell the stories.


Nov: Barnslig and Melis

Duo exhibtion with Barnslig and Melis. More info to come.

Oct. 16 – Oct 18: Tiny People by Øystein Dypedal

For the first time ever photographer Øystein Dypedal exhibits selected pictures from his series “Tiny People”.  With this series Dypedal brings to life small, everyday experiences in a new, creative and humorous way. Dypedal using small figurines to breath life into this little universe and gives insight into a world few have ever seen before.

Oct. 10: Verneverdig Vandalisme – andre akt

This time we extend the ongoing exhibition Verneverdig Vandalisme with over 20 works by Norwegian street artist which makes this the most comprehensive exhibition of Norwegian street artist in a long, long time.

Aug. 21 – Dec. 01: Verneverdig Vandalisme

Street art is bigger than ever. It used to be considered vandalism, now street art is a respected art form and the pieces get protected. With its colourful, humoristic and easily understandable expressions streetart has been the gateway to the art world for a new and young audience. It’s a great pleasure to hold the exhibition in the same space as Dolk held his very first exhibition, right in the heart of Bergen.