Verneverdig Vandalisme


Pop Up Bergen is proud to present: Gategalleriet’s exhibition “Verneverdig Vandalisme”.

Street art is bigger than ever. It used to be considered vandalism, now street art is a respected art form and the pieces get protected. With its colorful, humoristic and easily understandable expressions street art has been the gateway to the art world for a new and young audience. It’s a great pleasure to hold the exhibition in the same space as Dolk held his very first exhibition, right in the heart of Bergen.

Gategalleriet is run by a seasoned collector that has spend many years building a collection most street art fans would envy. Verneverdig Vandalisme is a unique opportunity to view established and hardworking up and coming artist side by side. This exhibition contains a broad specter of Norwegian (and some international) artist:
Dolk, Martin Whatson, Pøbel, DotDotDot, Joy, AFK, Teg, Anne Angelshaug, Skurk, Nimi, Dake, Argus, Newton, Sandra Chevrier, La Staa, Bot, Barsnlig, M.u.M

If you love street art you won’t miss this show! Pop in for a nice chat about art and see for yourself some of the pieces that have made the art form what it is today.
Gallery opening Aug. 21 at 8. pm in Kong Oscars gate 26. The exhibition runs until Dec. 1.